# Custom Email Template

Custom email template feature allows you to setup custom email notifications for new submissions received to your form. Using this feature, you can use your own HTML templates for submission emails instead of Getform's default submission notification email.


For this feature to work, you need to have at least 1 received submission on your form to be able to use this feature.

To setup custom templates, follow these steps:

  • Go to your dashboard and select your form endpoint.
  • Navigate to Automation section and select the "Send an email notification" action.
  • Switch on the "Custom email template" toggle and edit From Name, Email Subject and Email Body
  • Click "Complete" at the bottom of "Send an email notification" action and save your automation.


  • Email body field supports HTML tags and you can inject your specified input names between tags. For example, if you have an input named email, you can inject its value by writing to the template.
  • You also can include the name of your form using{{@form_name}, submission date of submissions using {{@date} annotations.


Custom email templates are available on Grow and Scale plans (opens new window).


If you have a running custom email server setup, custom email notifications will be sent from your own email server.