# Getform Documentation

Welcome to the official documentation of Getform.io (opens new window).

Getform is a modern form backend platform that lets you handle your forms on your websites and apps. You can set up a form and start collecting submissions to your form within minutes without having to setup a server or writing any backend.

Getform is perfect for static sites and works anywhere you can put an HTML form.

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# Table of Contents

Here is the table of contents of the documentation:

  • Installations - This section explains all the installation types for your HTML form
  • Plugins - This section explains how you can expand your HTML form's usage by sending form autoresponders, trigger a custom webhook and and more using Getform.
  • Integrations - This section explains how you can integrate your HTML form with 3rd party applications.
  • Guides - This section includes the guides of how Getform can be used on different frameworks, static site generators and no-code platforms.

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