# Slack Integration

Slack incoming webhooks are a simple way to post messages from any application into slack. Creating an incoming webhook gives you a unique URL to which you can send a JSON payload with the message body.

# How to integrate Slack with your forms?

  1. Navigate to Slack app’s management dashboard (opens new window).

  2. Click Create New App and select From scratch.

slack create app
  1. Give your Slack app a name and select workspace that you want to send Getform submissions and then click Create App button.
slack create app
  1. After app created, click Incoming Webhook feature under features and functionality section.
slack incoming webhook create
  1. Add New Webhook to workspace after activate incoming webhooks.
slack incoming webhook activation
  1. Choose channel you want to receive Getform notifications
slack incoming webhook choose channel
  1. Copy Slack webhook URL
slack webhook url
  1. Navigate automation page on Getform dashboard and paste your Slack webhook URL into Slack action
getform slack integration send html form to slack