# Integromat Integration

# Watch New Submission Trigger

Triggers on Integromat are to perform a trigger action when a service-specific action has been made. For Getform module, this trigger is "Watch New Submission" and it triggers when a new submission is received and retrieves submission data.


Only submissions that are not flagged as spam trigger the webhook.

In order to trigger the "Watch New Submission" trigger, the webhook URL needs to be generated in Integromat and then added to Getform's Webhook integration settings.

  1. Go to Integromat dashboard and click "Create a new scenario". Select Getform from the list of services and click "Continue". Open the Getform module and select the "Watch New Submission" trigger.
  1. Generate a new Integromat Webhook URL by clicking the "Add" button, name it and copy the webhook URL.
  1. Login to your Getform account, head over to your endpoint dashboard and select the desired endpoint (form) you created that has at least one submission. Navigate to the "Automation" section and select "Send Webhook Request" action.

  2. Enter the webhook URL you have copied in step 2 above and click the "Complete" button to save the action and click to "Save Changes" to save your automation setup.


Now, every time a new submission is received on your Getform endpoint, the Watch New Submission module in your Integromat scenario will be triggered through webhook.