# Webhooks

Webhook plugin allows you to send your submission data to external sources by setting up webhooks to your form on Getform.

# What is a Webhook?

A webhook (also called a web callback or "Reverse APIs") is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. A webhook provides a mechanism whereby a server-side application can notify a client-side application when a new event has occurred on the server.

This makes webhooks much more efficient for both provider and consumer. The only drawback to webhooks might be the difficulty of setting them up.

Webhooks are typically used to connect two different applications. When an event happens on the trigger application, it serializes data about that event and sends it to a webhook URL from the action application--- the one you want to do something based on the data from the first application.

# When to Use a Webhook?

Webhooks are commonly used to perform smaller requests and tasks, however, there are situations where a webhook is more appropriate than an entire API.

One common scenario is when your app or platform demands real-time updates, but you don't want to waste your resources. In this instance, a webhook framework would be beneficial.

Another circumstance to use a webhook over an API would be when the API is very poor, or there isn't an API to begin with. You could create a workaround solution to give you the data your app requires to function.